• Eskom: a grand risk to the country

    CE Dr Adrian Saville talks to Radio 702 about the crisis at Eskom.

  • Preference shares: dividends and diversification

    CIO Samantha Steyn discusses preference shares: an often-forgotten asset class that bucked the trend and achieved a solid return of 15% in 2018.

  • 2018’s secret investment winner

    2018’s secret investment winner

    2018 was a bruising year for investors; yet, amidst the gloom, an often-forgotten asset class shone through, achieving a solid return of 15%: preference shares.

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  • Nine "lost" years

    CE Dr Adrian Saville talks to Radio702 about the 5 things we have lost in the 9 “lost” years.

  • Where to find investment returns

    CIO Samantha Steyn advises where someone with R500,000 and a 5 year time horizon should consider looking for investment returns.

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